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Gear Review | New Gear Update

Okay, so I’ve had a few weeks to play with my new toys, so here’s an updated review!

Vater Mike Johnston Signature model drumsticks

Still lovin’ these sticks and the durability has been better than expected. I have chipped one tip and thereby lost a good stick, but only one out of six. And the maple sticks just fly around the drum kit. I love them for jazz!

Roland SPD-30 and PM-10

I used my new Octapad to sample a lot of different orchestral sounds when I played Into the Woods at East High a coupla weeks back.  The sounds were generally great, with a few typical electronic issues (some rolls were junk). I even got to mess around with the timpani and tuning them. It went very well, and those rolls were quite nice. In general, I’m very pleased!

The PM-10 monitor, however, continues to disappoint. It is just waaaaay too underpowered to be good for anything other than a close monitor. Even then, the noise of playing the pads can cut through the sound of the samples themselves.

Paiste Signature 18″ Full Crash

Still awesome. ‘Nuff said. (that’s from a long time Sabian player)



Sabian AA 22″ Medium Ride

I have fallen in love with this cymbal!  The articulation is great for intricate ride patterns and the crash/wash is big but controlled. An absolutely great cymbal for Pop/Rock!

Free Drum Lessons | THE Jazz Cat!

John Riley is, quite frankly, a master drummer. And whether you play rock, pop, reggae, jazz or whatever, John Riley’s teachings will make you a better drummer!  With that in mind, check out these videos.

I love the concept of headroom that John talks about in this clip.

The technique and idea of efficiency talked about this clip are essential for all drummers.

Finally, just like the Tommy Igoe video I posted a while ago, check out John’s cymbal technique

If you haven’t checked out The Art of Bop Drumming you have missed one of the preeminent instructional books FOR ALL DRUMMERS!

Free Drum Lessons | Technique = Versatility

We first explored the concept of using technique to customize your snare in my mini-series Custom Snare Sounds . . . Without a Drum Key! Now, watch this video of Tommy Igoe playing his ride cymbal.  His touch and technique get a wide range of sounds out of one cymbal.  Remember that you can take the same concepts we discussed earlier and apply them to other drums or even cymbals to get more versatility out of your set up.