Private Drum Lessons

Why Take Lessons at Phatman Drums?

Wichita KS  Drum LessonsI believe that God created all of us to love music. My goal as a teacher is to help students discover their love of music by way of the drums. For some students that means helping them succeed in their scholastic music program or helping them achieve high ratings at various musical contests and festivals. For other students, it will mean experiencing music at their own pace, for their own enjoyment. No matter their goals, all students will find working at Phatman Drums to be rewarding and challenging.

drumeo-approved-badge-mdSo you can know you’re taking lessons from a professional player, I have been endorsed by as one of their approved instructors, complete with a background check.

How Do I Sign Up for Lessons

To sign up for lessons at the Professional Drum School, call (620) 663-4004 or send an e-mail by clicking here.

To sign up for private lessons in Wichita, click here to Register via the Music Teachers Helper page for Phatman Drums. Once registered, you can access your account and lesson calendar from this site.

How much do lessons cost?

Rates for lessons taught in Wichita are as follows. Rates at the Professional Drum School are set by the school and can be viewed here.

$22 per half hour lesson

$44 per one-hour lesson

All fees are due at the beginning of the lesson. Cash and check are accepted. Please note that cash payments will be required following the first returned check.

All lessons not cancelled with 24 hours notice will be charged the regularly scheduled lesson fee.

Where Are Lessons Held?

Phatman Studios Drum Lessons Wichita KS

Phatman Studios

Lessons are held in one of three locations:

Student Equipment

Drum Lessons Wichita KSEach student is STRONGLY encouraged to own the following equipment as a minimum for practicing at home:

  • 1 pair of drums sticks (we can discuss stick sizes are your first lesson)
  • 1 practice pad
  • 1 metronome
  • 1 spiral-bound notebook

Eventually, as the student progresses, actual drums will need to be purchased for continued development. This investment will usually run from $500 to $1,000 for a student level drumkit.

Practice Expectations

I am sympathetic to the demands on my students’ lives – adults and kids alike. However, nothing gets better without investing some time. For that reason, I expect each student to practice three to four times a week for a minimum of half an hour each session. That being said, the more you practice that better you’ll get.

Parental Role

Parents are a vital part of the learning experience. Your support and encouragement, especially during the early stages, is vital to your student’s success. Please be actively engaged in your student’s learning before and after the lessons begin. Parents are welcome to attend the lessons with the students.