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Amen Break Studies_1 copy
Amen Break Studies

(From Steve Hatfield’s website)

Bass Drum Speed 

Bass Drum Speed

Six Stroke Roll BuilderSix Stroke Roll Builder
 Stroke Worksheet copy

Stroke Definition


Lifetime Warmup (Beginner)

Lifetime Warm Up Intermediate ThumbnailLifetime Warmup(Intermediate)
 Troopers Cadence jpeg

Troopers Cadence

(K-State 1998)

Useful Rudiments thumbnail

Useful Rudiments



Paradiddle Builder Thumbnail Paradiddle Builder
 Paradiddle-Diddle Thumbnail

Paradiddle-Diddle Builder

Check out these awesome links that will take you various pages where you can learn about different aspects of percussion and even play some fun games.

Speed Note Reader

Here’s a fun on-line game to help you read pitches faster.  Great for beginners through advanced players who just need a little help with their mallet reading.

Vic Firth Education Pages

Check out Vic Firth’s education pages for even more resources to help you become the best percussionist in your school!