In addition to playing and teaching, John is also an author.  Check out his published books below:

CoverDrumline to Drumset

Drumlines are expert practicers: they isolate each part of their playing into the tiniest fragments and then perfect those fragments. Each phrase in a drumline’s performance has been honed to a razor’s edge and drilled to the point where the drums seem to play themselves.

Drumline to Drumset takes the concepts of a drumline’s most common exercises and applies them to the drumset to take the student’s playing to the next level. Each exercise is first applied to the snare drum and then applied around the drums. Once the exercise has been mastered, the concepts are applied in practical grooves and fills.

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product_thumbnail (1)Drumline Technical Manual

Here it is, another drumline book full of exercises to develop your rudimental chops and some cadences and solos to show off your hard work. These are the exercises I’ve always used with the drumlines I’ve coached.

You’ll find the basics like Legato 8’s and Double Strokes along with some advanced technique exercises for specific situations. Each exercise has specific notes for work with a full drumline along with notes for individual players.

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