Guats Up?

Ok, sorry for the cheesy headline.  I’ve been back stateside for a couple of days and I thought the best way to update everyone on my trip to Guatemala was through a blog post.  So here goes . . .

The trip was everything I hoped it would be: inspiring, life changing, perspective switching, and soul stirring.  Jimmy and Shelly Dinsmore hosted me on my trip.  Jimmy runs the Kekchi Bible Institute, a school where local men and their families learn to be Christian pastors in the Peten Department of Guatemala.  

The backside of the KBI with the married family houses in the back

The backside of the KBI with the married family houses in the back

Pedro's House

Inside Pedro’s house at KBI

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How to Play the 6 Stroke Roll

Sheet Music:

The final video in the series of rudimental “builders” focuses on the 6-Stroke Roll. This is one saucy little lick that can propel you into some crazy solo ideas. Be sure to check it out!

Remember: Slower than you have to, longer than you need to!

Useful Rudiments

Rudiment (according to the dictionary): a basic principle or element or a fundamental skill.

Rudiment (according to Phatman Drums): the vegetables of drumming.  You don’t always like learning them, but you can’t grow into a stronger drummer without them.



Have you ever really sat down and thought about the drum rudiments?  Why are there 40?  Who decided those are the best sticking patterns and techniques to learn?  And what about Hybrid Rudiments?  And don’t even get me going about the names!  I mean pataflafla?  Really?

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It’s Time to Rethink Band in Schools

!!!Warning!!! Controversial article coming! Brace for impact!

Band BusI love band! I grew up in band. I learned to love drumming in band. And I learned all the bandy stuff you’re supposed to learn in band: teamwork, self discipline, appreciation for the arts, hard work, etc… Heck, I even met my wife in band (ah, that magical bus ride home from marching festivals)! Band was as close to a sport as I ever got. And that’s my point… Continue reading

Drum Video of the Week | Evelyn Glennie: What Do Artists Do All Day?

Evelyn Glennie is one of the premier classical percussionists in the world.  If you don’t know her story, check out these videos.  There also some amazing insight on her approach to each piece she performs.  Don’t miss these, they’re really well done!

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