Can You Help?

My family and I have been invited by Jimmy Dinsmore, missionary to Guatemala to come to his mission and teach local drummers how to play drums for worship services. There are several churches in the San Fransisco, Peten region that have drums, but no one to play them. I would go down for a week over Spring Break (March 13-19, 2016), to hold classes and teach drums. This would be an amazing opportunity to fulfill Phatman Drums’ mission in a global scale!

While Jimmy and his family have graciously offered to open their home to my family, there are some rather large travel expenses to deal with. So far, plane tickets will cost upwards of $2,000 and passports will cost $375. I’ve set up a gofundme campaign with the goal of $3,000 to allow for additional costs that might arise.

Already, some of you have given a total of $270 to get things rolling.  Wow!  I am humbled and blown away by your willingness to help.  If you would like to donate, you can click here.

Even if you can’t help financially, there are two things you can do to help.  (1) Please share the link to my gofundme site:  (2)  Keep me and my family in your prayers and thoughts.

Thanks!  You all really are amazing people and I am proud to have you and your students in the Phatman Drums family!

Useful Rudiments

Rudiment (according to the dictionary): a basic principle or element or a fundamental skill.

Rudiment (according to Phatman Drums): the vegetables of drumming.  You don’t always like learning them, but you can’t grow into a stronger drummer without them.



Have you ever really sat down and thought about the drum rudiments?  Why are there 40?  Who decided those are the best sticking patterns and techniques to learn?  And what about Hybrid Rudiments?  And don’t even get me going about the names!  I mean pataflafla?  Really?

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band class

It’s Time to Rethink Band in Schools

!!!Warning!!! Controversial article coming! Brace for impact!

Band BusI love band! I grew up in band. I learned to love drumming in band. And I learned all the bandy stuff you’re supposed to learn in band: teamwork, self discipline, appreciation for the arts, hard work, etc… Heck, I even met my wife in band (ah, that magical bus ride home from marching festivals)! Band was as close to a sport as I ever got. And that’s my point… Continue reading

Drum Video of the Week | Evelyn Glennie: What Do Artists Do All Day?

Evelyn Glennie is one of the premier classical percussionists in the world.  If you don’t know her story, check out these videos.  There also some amazing insight on her approach to each piece she performs.  Don’t miss these, they’re really well done!

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Merry Christmas!

I believe that God has gifted all of humanity with a love of music.  It’s that love and that belief that fuels my passion for drums and teaching.  But God gave us another gift, even more precious and joyous than music: the gift of a savior in his Son, Jesus Christ.  Through Jesus, all mankind has hope for redemption and forgiveness of our sins.

This time of year, it i so very, very easy to get caught up in shopping, parties, presents, and sappy music.  Or worse, so many of us can be stricken by thoughts of loss or past mistakes.  But, by focusing on Jesus, we find all the goodness, joy, and reverence that Christmas is all about.  Linus said it best:

Merry Christmas.  God Bless Us, Everyone!

4 Fundamentals for a Powerful Drumming Career

A couple weeks ago I put this video on my Facebook page with the following caption:

I pray that this is what colleagues who have worked with me would say about my playing and professionalism.

MD_JUNE_2014_Cover-2Listening to the comments made about Nate and his drumming, 4 things jumped out at me as the things Nate does to be a great drummer.  Here’s my list: Continue reading

Phatman joins Mapex!

mjrhPdayhPTLJ4pEPYfwVQQI’ve been holding on to this news for quite a while . . . mostly ’cause I was waiting from someone to come to their senses and realize just who they were partnering with!  But I think it’s safe to announce that I  have officially joined the Mapex family as an endorser.  I’ve played Mapex since 2000 and have absolutely fallen in love with their drums. Check out the video below for more details!

Oh, and check out this rad Armory kit that’s on its way to Phatman Studios!  Really really cool stuff.  Of course, I’ll post a review as soon as I can!

Mapex Armory Drums in Photon Blue Finish

Mapex Armory Drums in Photon Blue Finish